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I truly believe that my project The Fruit & Veg Kids will prove to be a leading light in the fight against Childhood Obesity.  At this moment in time, at least one in four children in the UK (rapidly increasing to one in three) are classified overweight or Obese before they even commence their primary education placing them at a huge disadvantage from the very beginning of their journey in life.


Obesity can cause Diabetes Type 2 which not only results in young Children having to be injected everyday, but in extreme cases it can also cause blindness and loss of limbs. Obesity further causes heart disease and cancers in Children. Obesity creates social exclusion that leads to Isolation and Severe Depression.


Obesity can also produce levels of Distress, Disadvantage and Psychological problems that can further affect Children’s Behaviour, Concentration, Learning Ability and Moods leading to an Anti-Social Lifestyle.


In the present day it is predicted that many parents will out-live their Children due to this condition that has been brought about due to the Children not being provided with the correct balanced diet, or the adequate amount of regular activity for the majority of these youngsters whose lives are at risk without these day to day health essentials.


The target audience to bring about instant change with early positive results will be the 2 – 11 year olds and youngsters in these age groups have responded very positively to The Fruit & Veg Kids.


The under 11’s will respond to guidance in healthy lifestyles through good diet and activities and this has to be achieved with Educating through Entertainment.


The Fruit & Veg Kids could bring about positive change to assist current and future generations into a healthy and active lifestyle that could possibly help save the lives of many Children.


No other initiative, so far, has produced any real change, so now it really is time to give The Fruit & Veg Kids the opportunity to prove that they and Children globally can make positive changes.



Stephen Colyer

Stephen Colyer
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