“The Fruit & Veg Kids”


A Catalogue of Children’s Books by Stephen Colyer

Created from 2005 - 2012



“The Fruit & Veg Kids”

(Book of Rhymes & Information to Entertain & Educate)



“The Wizard Has Landed”

(The story of how “The Fruit & Veg Kids” came to life and the beginning

 of their on-going mission to encourage Children to eat healthy food)



“Top Banana”

(Featuring Billy Banana & Charlie Carrot with his Parrot.

This is an entertaining story with much humour as well as many positive messages)



“Peter Pear’s Olympic Dream”

(An inspirational book to help children understand the fun & enjoyment

in the many diverse ways to play / exercise through team effort along with

 helpful safety messages)



“The Fruit & Veg Kids” Song Book

(Featuring the Lyrics to 12 songs plus Illustrations)



“I Can Tell The Time” – “Can You?”

(Teaching Children how to tell the time through the characters in a fun and educational way that also includes a form of physical exercise whilst learning)



“I Can Be Good Today” – “Can You?”

(To challenge and then inspire Children into better and more

 co-operative behaviour in various aspects of life)



“I Can Clean My Teeth” – “Can You?”

(An entertaining and educational exercise to help overcome the resistance by Children not wanting to clean their teeth)



“Give Me Five”

(The Fruit & Veg Kids create a plan for their fight on Obesity)

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